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Some people r just stupid!

by: A-Person8D
date: January 10, 2011
"art is never 'finished', tis merely given up on" (forget who says that...) art takes time to develop and make better. (yes animating IS an art) but you do have potential, man. just take your time on this stuff. ^-^

p.s. also, take it easy on the fast, flashing colors...

dude ..this is SPAM ..not an REAL animation ..dude u wr tryin to be smart but now ..you're just made yourself dumb as fuck

but yea i liked it ^^ ..it wasnt like BAMBAMBAMBAM with flashy shit around blowin ..but it was in your way original ..5/5 ^^

Prome responds:

Like you?

Well to be honest appreciate the 10 but this made me laugh.


i personaly have xbox 360
but fuck it when i spend more time playing on Gameboy Color
love that piece of plastic <3

Animation is awesome it truly is!

BUT DUDE I FREAKIN LOVE THE TUNE IN BACKGROUND ..can you or someone tell me the name of the song please! or make one i am surely to be downloading it

Nogfish responds:

I made the song! It will be up for free download in the NG Audio portal soon!

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its quite dull and doesnt reward you as much
shop would be an awesome add-on but all and all its just 1 of those time wasters when you are bored

cant say its good but i cant say its bad either
its just repetive
and the first this that i didnt like is that you cant buy same product
so its just stainding and waiting for food to pop out and then sell it
this game can even age of empires beat, its just the same and it doesnt bring anything new instead of buying and selling

but only good thing that is later challenging to pick up stuff plus some random rabbits spawn

all and all needs rework to make it a little bit more action
even put in guns so we can defend a farm but just something! :)

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Nothing more to say then Flawless game sir.

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its great

but not too great ...if this is your first dnb song then its very good start ...but you must make less rapadative


u stole it ...but its great song ...i rated 5/5 ...THIS IS MUSIC BUISNIES ...EVERY BODEY STEALS


its nothing special becouse its too rapaditive ...but i rated 5/5 ...i fell sorry that they rated 0 ...xD

INoisy responds:

Hahaha, don't worry about what they rated it, just rate it what you think it deserves. (:

There's actually not a single section that's an exact repeat of another section, but I know what you mean, the most obvious parts repeat a few times. Thanks for the feedback bro.

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i guess everyone came here for the boobs but rated it low since they are disapointed they didnt saw
oh well
Welcome to the internet!
im rating it 5 since you really made nice move man :D

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